Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Brent geese

Went down to Sandymount strand after work, it was freezing and getting dark already at 6.30pm.

Approx 100 Oystercatchers, 5 Curlew and 20 Redshank, 120 Brent geese flew in from Bull Island direction, landed, drank, honked, stood around and took off again towards Bull Island.
There were at least 4 juvs and only one tag (WY27).
Their numbers are gradually increasing!

If anyone sees Brent Geese with tagged legs please record the colour of each tag and the letter/number on each tag and email to grahammcelwaine@btinternet.com 

Readings should be sent with initials of tag colours (right leg then left leg) followed by numbers on each tag (again, right leg followed by left leg).

So the BG I saw had a White tag with a 2 on it's right foot, a Yellow tag with a 7 on it's left foot = WY27