Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bull Island, sat 30 oct 2010.

Yesterday I went back down to Bull Island to see what was about.
This is some of what I saw:
Dunlin and Juvenile Brent Geese
Dunlin and Brent Goose
At one stage yesterday I counted 22 juveniles in a group of 30 Brent Geese. So different to last year.
Caught this Oystercatcher landing. Note missing left foot.
Redshank, looking like I've been feeling most of today.
Cormorant checking out whether it's a Bar-tailed or Black tailed Godwit. There were approx 70 Bar tailed Godwits here.
Dunlin and Gorgeous Golden Plover
Can you spot the Knot GREY PLOVER (thanks Ian) amongst the Black tailed Godwits? Extra points if you spot the Dunlin. Points taken away if you saw a Knot. Ahem.
I counted about 20 Common Gulls.
Shelduck and Shovelers
Male Teal
Female Teal - amazing camouflage, the green speculum is the only thing which lets you know she's there.
Male Pintail
Female Pintail
Female and male Pintails
Looks like the birds have more than birds of prey to worry about.
Red Fox, Bull Island, Dublin
Wonder how many will live to see tomorrow?!
I also saw a flock of about 20 Linnets, heard Wigeons, saw so many Hooded Crows and Rooks, flock of Goldfinches and huge flocks of Golden Plover, Oystercatchers and Black tailed Godwits.
Great day at the Bull.