Wednesday, 23 March 2011

the canal

Walked along the canal tonight, from Kilworth Rd I dropped into Landsdowne Park and took a small wander down to the bushes on the left, plenty of House Sparrows chirping away.
Crossed the luas tracks at Blackhorse and walked the grassy side of the canal. The day was lovely and sunny today, so the evening held a golden glow over the canal and a calmness was in the air as a massive firey sun lowered to the horizon.
The still calmness sharpened the evening song of the Dunnocks, Wrens and Blackbirds but the Song Thrush was on fire! So loud and varied and confident and consistent. Opera worthy. 2 Long Tailed tits seemed completely unperturbed by my presence as they picked at leaves searching for insects. The only water birds I saw on the canal were Moorhens and Mallards. Still no Swallows. Nice evening walk though, just up as far as Kylemore rd bridge and back again.