Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Owl again

Going for a walk down the fields, I saw something fly up into a tree.
I was being watched
I love this photo. The Little Owl was watching me from a tree about 150m away from the fencepost I saw it on last night.
Today's Redkite photo
Female Blackcap at water bath, there's also a male Blackcap most days
and a female Chaffinch
whoami  having a wash?
yep, Song thrush
Song Thrush, trying to get the water out of it's ear.
That's what usually works for me too, head to the side
Plenty of Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers, Swifts, House Martins and Swallows around, haven't managed any photos though. And plenty of rabbits too. I went into ma and pa's room last night to get the radiator key and dad was in there looking out the window, 'Do you know how many rabbits I've just counted in that field? 25. 25 in the one field!', 'that is a lot Dad', I said as I went back into my room to bleed my radiator, marvelling at how much excitement we were both having of a Sunday night.