Thursday, June 2, 2011

UCD chicks.

Tonight I stayed after work and took some photos of some of the chicks which have been born on campus over the last few weeks.
Baby Robin? UCD
Baby Coal Tit
Baby Coal Tit
Baby Coal Tit
Baby Coal Tit, might be the strong sun, but it's cheek is very white in comparison to the Irish yellowy cheek of the above Coal tit
Baby Great Tit
Baby Coal Tit
Adult Moorhen, UCD
Moorhen chick, UCD
Mama Mallard and her chicks
Mallard Duckling, UCD
Proud parent
Proud parent - Pied Wagtail, UCD
Baby Pied Wagtail
Mute Swan cygnet, UCD
Cygnet, UCD
Not a chick, but the sun lit the eye up of this Tufted Duck, UCD Lake
Tufted Duck, head to the left, plumage looks black

Tufted Duck, head a little to the right and there's the purple sheen
Lovely evening tonight.
I got my 45th bird to add to my UCD 2011 list and it was actually warm and summery, as if it were June.

Some people even took to bathing... hope he's had his tetanus jab recently..