Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Curlew and Med gull in ucd.

I heard a Curlew in ucd!
One morning a couple of weeks ago, as I walked from the car park into work, I heard a Curlew call from over near the Quinn building, it was lovely to hear, I've never seen one on campus, but imagined I might.
Usually, if work was in its normal swing of things, I'd have gone for a walk at lunch to try and locate it, but in the last few weeks I've been so snowed under with work, I've hardly had time to eat lunch, let alone step outside the building for 10 minutes... so the Curlew I think, has been and gone.

Thankfully, work should level out over the next few weeks and I'll be able to take lunch breaks again.. like I did yesterday.

Grey Heron (not a common sight in ucd), it better not get too comfy on that perch, water usually shoots up out of that pipe. And look! There's some actual sunshine lighting up the picture for a fraction of a second.

Female mallard, NKOTB having a stretch and Moorhen in background.

Lazy but clever juv Jackdaw begging for lunch.

Juvenile Tufted Duck with white feathers growing through on side. There's lots of juv Tufties, Mallards, Moorhens, Swans and now a juv Grey Heron on the ucd lake. And rain.

Black Headed Gulls, lots on the lake.
Always with the sqauwking

and the shouting

and the arguing.

Female Mallard chick, much quieter resident.

Moorhen, taking a walk on the wild side, ucd lake
There are loads of Wood pigeons around UCD, some mornings when I pass the playing fields on my way into work there's easily 40 or 50 on the football fields. Lots of BH Gulls too. One morning last week, I'm 99.9% sure I saw a Med gull in with the Black Headed Gulls.
2 Dunnocks, Chasing pavements.

Dunnock, ucd.

I cracked the face of my flippin ipod (which was in my back pocket) sitting back on my heel taking this shot... new ipod out in august though apparently..

Swallow, ucd fields
Swallow, ucd fields

House Martin (you can see the white rump), ucd fields

So there's some of what's happening around UCD.
Big news is hearing the Curlew and the 99.9% sighting of the Med Gull.

On my way home, since I had my camera with me I parked up and took a shot of this painting I've been passing for months now.

Street Art under Harolds Cross Bridge, along the grand canal, Dublin

'Mommas don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys' by Solus July 2011 (it's been there a few months).