Thursday, 28 July 2011

Roebuck field

Typically the influx of 200 BH Gulls (+ the 2nd yr Med Gull) was nowhere to be seen the next day when I had my camera with me.
I got these few shots anyway, early in the morning, well 8.30am.

Jackdaw, fields in front of Roebuck, UCD

Mistle Thrush on wood chippings infront of Roebuck fields, UCD, there were a couple of them.

Family of Greenfinches, Roebuck fields, UCD

I like this photo - Greenfinch with flash of yellow from a Goldfinch in flight, UCD (you can tell it's a Goldfinch from the white rump).

Flock of Starlings feeding on fields in front of Roebuck
As well as getting to work early to see the Med Gull again, I was also hoping to see the Curlew, but I didn't manage either.
Still a nice start to the day to see these birds though, especially the close ups of the Mistle Thrushes.