Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bull Island

Bar tailed and Black tailed Godwits, Redshanks, Knots, Herring Gulls, Common Gulls
All lifted
because of this beauty - Peregrine falcon, Bull Island
It didn't manage to get any of the birds this time.
As if to mock the Peregrine, the Gulls start yawning - there are 3 Shoveler in the background
Spotted a tagged Black tailed Godwit Left leg Red, Black - Right leg Yellow and X on pale yellow, not sure who to report it to..
There were lots of Wheatears at the Bull today
1st Winter Northern Wheatear, Bull Island - this was one of a group of 5
Sandwich Tern, Swords Estuary
Juv Sandwich Tern (adult would have dark streaks on outer wings?), Swords Estuary, first of the Terns to arrive, last to leave.
Portmarnock, Co.Dublin, not bad for 10th September.
bit of a battered Curlew in flight, Portmarnock
Curlew getting a bit of shut eye, Portmarnock
Different Curlew, Portmarnock - much greyer shade of plumage
Common Tern, 2 Sandwich Terns, Portmarnock.
1st Winter Wheatear, Portmarnock
Jackdaw, Portmarnock
Watched this Hooded crow pick out periwinkles (?) from the rocks, fly up, drop the shells from a height onto the rocks so the shells smashed and the goodies inside the shell could be easily eaten
Heavenly voices from above
made this couple who were arguing hug and make up, aaaah.
So that was my day to Bull Island, Swords Estuary and Portmarnock.
Lots of Swallows still around and Sandwich Terns, saw only 1 Common Tern, no Swifts and no Sand Martins in the places I saw them in Portmarnock in Summer.