Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Siob 4 Brent

Talking of tagging...
Down at Sandymount Strand after work and who did I bump into?
Welcome back to Dublin, how was your Summer, go anywhere nice? 4 Brent in Dublin, Wed 14th Sept 2011.

2 adults and 1 juvenile Brent (white tips and lack of white neck collar).

One other Adult keeping itself to itself

The other 3 did eventually make their way over to join the 4th, but it was clear the 2 with the juvenile were a family.
I quickly scanned the whole of the beach from over Bootytown direction scanning left to Irishtown Nature Reserve, I couldn't see any other Brent (6pm).
I also think this is slightly earlier than their arrival last year?
Didn't have time to scan for much else tonight, but nice to see the Brent.
I get the same feeling seeing my first Brent as I do seeing the first Swallows of Summer.

No tags.
Some honking.