Friday, 14 October 2011

No Fieldfares - Phoenix Park

Since the end of September I've been trying to go up to Phoenix Park after work to spot Redwing/ Fieldfare shapes in the Hawthorn trees.
Last year I spotted a Fieldfare knockin Hawthorn berries down it's gullet as early as October 12th, but this year, so far, I've not seen any.
I've not seen any Redwings round UCD either, and I've been looking.
Not hearing of any mass Redwing/Fieldfare sightings either.
Must be mild weather all round.

Last night (13th October) was the first evening I managed to get over to the park all week and I was hopeful I'd see something, but after an hour in the one spot, I didn't.

As always, dusk over Phoenix Park brought with it the heightened noise and activity from the Jackdaws, Hooded Crows and Rooks sorting themselves out in their roosts.

Didn't see any Swallows like I did this time last year either.

Did hear a couple of Mistle Thrushes though.

Last year's post can be seen on the 'old blog' over on Wordpress - which I've just noticed has put an ESB ad on my post !!
When did this start happening?
I remember I opted not to allow free ads on the old blog??
Anyways - last year's Oct 12 2010 post