Saturday, 5 November 2011

Brickfields Park, Drimnagh

This morning, I had given C a lift into work, done a full shop in lidl, had a coffee on the steps of the church at Stephen's Green, sponsored someone for Movember and taken my camera to Conns to have its sensor cleaned - all before 9.10am.
A far cry from my planned lazy morning watching James Martin's omlette challenge.

It was a beautiful morning this morning so once I had collected my camera, I set off home via Brickfields Park to see if there were any Redwings there.

Saturday morning, Brickfields Park, Drimnagh. 5th Nov 2011.

Magpie showing how it aint just a black and white bird

Goldcrest, Brickfields Park, Drimnagh

Tree Creeper, Brickfields Park, Drimnagh - look at its claws! Not going to lie, this shot is blurry, this Aperture malarky is tricky on the fast movers.
Treecreeper - lovely colouring. I was at a brilliant talk on Tuesday night with Dick Coombes (on Woodpeckers in Ireland), and he described how Woodpeckers use their stiff tail feathers to balance by pushing them against the tree. Treecreepers do the same.

Long Tailed Tit getting its Cute on. Brickfields Park, Drimnagh. There was a very busy and non stop flock of 10 long tailed tits, flitting from branch to branch, tree to tree. I have lots of blurred shots of them and lots of great shots of them behind branches.

Long Tailed Tit highlighting its red eye ring which seems to protrude at the top.

Herring Gull (2nd winter), Brickfields Park, Drimnagh

One of the flock of c40 Black Headed Gulls in the park, all busily searching the earth and getting loads of worms.

Gross. Each to their own and all that, but still.

Soon, the pitches in the park started to fill up with Saturday morning sports, so I decided to go home and get my own worm free breakfast.
No Redwings.