Saturday, 26 November 2011

'Ireland's Wildlife Year' book launch

Here's some photos from the book launch.
'Ireland's Wildlife Year' by Eric Dempsey (bird photos /text), Billy Clarke (mammal photos), Tom Hayden (mammal text), Carsten Kreiger (flower/ plant photos) Declan Donaghue (flower/ plant text).
Large hardback book, full of beautiful images and text which takes us through the four seasons in Ireland.
€30 in all good book shops.

Book Launch - Teachers Club, Parnell Square, Dublin.
Thurs 25th November 2011.

Declan Donaghue, Billy Clarke, Tom Hayden, Eric Dempsey - Dublin, November 2011
Declan Donaghue, Billy Clarke, Tom Hayden, Eric Dempsey
Declan Donaghue, Billy Clarke, Tom Hayden, Eric Dempsey

'Tiger' giving a brief history of the Teachers Club, Parnell Square, Dublin
Ireland's best known wildlife film maker Éamon de Buitléar launches 'Ireland's Wildlife Year'.
Magic moments - Éamon de Buitléar played a tune on his harmonica
I wish I had remembered my camera could record.
Eric Dempsey
Geraldine, Hazel, Sylvia and Éamon de Buitléar
Who, me? Steal a book? No, I wouldn't do that.
Hazel, Ann (Eric's mum!) and Eric. The spit.
Éamon de Buitléar's stealing what?!
Heh, heh, heh.
Paul, Hazel, Ann and Eric
Billy Clarke and Tom Hayden
Imagine taking a photo and it ending up on the front cover of a book. Nice feeling Billy?
Book signing factory, Rosemary and Frank (Tolka Branch)
Sylvia and Eric
Eric and Hazel
Eric and Vincent.

Vincent, Rosemary, Francois, Ian, Eric and Phillip
Éamon de Buitléar and Eric Dempsey
Favourite photos in the book?
Corn poppy, Hazel, Wood Mouse (and its feet!), Bearded Reedlings, Fly Agaric, Redwing and Fieldfare in last year's freezing conditions, the bluebell woods and most the landscape images and Billy's shot of the deer which made the front cover.
Buy the book.