Thursday, 15 December 2011

UCD Total for 2011 = 50 different Bird Species

Ho ho ho.
Just tried to update one of the links in my Irish Birding Links section and deleted the lot by accident.
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will update all soon.....

Whilst I'm here, only 5 days left at work and I'm not sure I'll get to see any new species, so I think its safe to say that my Species count for UCD in 2011 is a very round numbered 50.

List of 'Common as muck and easily seen' over an hours walk around UCD campus (via Main Lake, Vets woods and Rosemount woods) - 22 Species
Hooded crow
Pied wagtail
Blue tit
Great tit
Coal tit
Long tailed tit
Wood pigeon
Black headed gull
Mute swan
Tufted duck
Herring gull
Redwings (Jan - March)
Swallows (May - September)

Common, but not as common as muck - 9 Species
House martin (June - August)
Swift (May - August)
Feral pigeon (they live on the roof of the arts block)
Mistle thrush

Cool little sighting around UCD, randomly seen during a walk - 8 Species
Grey heron
Grey wagtail
Lesser black backed gull (summer)
Song thrush
Collared dove
Chiffchaff (May - July)

Rare in UCD - 6 Species
House sparrow - yes that's what I said, House Sparrow (seen once in the whole year)
Siskin - again, seen once in the whole year.
Oystercatcher - seen a few times in flock feeding on footie fields in really bad rainy weather (Nov/ Dec)
Linnets - seen in big flock handful of times in year
Teal (Jan - Feb) 
Lesser redpoll - seen once, but probably around a lot more than noticed

Rare in UCD - sight for sore eyes - 4 Species
Kingfisher - seen twice in year
Water rail - seen a couple of times (January)
Little egret - seen once flying by my office window
Mediterranean gull - seen twice in July

So there you go.

The Treecreeper eluded me, as did Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Willow warbler, Brambling and Stock dove which are all around campus but I failed to see.
Oh well.

Here's my favourite photo this year from UCD.

I know its a mortal sin to have sticks going across yer bird photos - especially the face! but something about the state of this little Great tit chick thats ticks boxes for me.