Friday, 16 March 2012

Brent Geese in Drimnagh

Good morning.
Quick post.
Brent Geese are using Brickfields park in Drimnagh!!
Cara noticed them jogging around the park yesterday morning, (Cara was jogging, not the geese) she remembered to tell me last night, so I was out with scope this morning from 7am - 8.10am, notepad and pen at the ready.

No geese.

But lots of droppings in a certain section of the pitches.
I talked to a dogwalker who walks her dog there everyday and she said yesterday was the first time she ever saw the geese there.
'It was really unusual'
'How many, about 100?'
'Oh, at least'

One of many, many Brent Geese droppings, Brickfileds Park, Arctic Canada, Drimnagh, Dublin 12

Brent Geese coming into land??! Brickfields Park, Drimnagh, Dublin 12

Brent Geese not coming in to land, Brickfields Park, Drimnagh, Dublin 12

15th March 7.30 - 8am 100+ Brent, today Fri 16th March  7am - 8.10am - nada. Brickfields Park, Drimnagh

Cara 'I was thinking I should have taken a photo of them, but I thought you'd have loads' gets the credit for finding this new Brent Geese site in Drimnagh.
It was only a matter of time before they started using Drimnagh when so many of them use Crumlin over the road.
And yes Crumlin is over the road!
Despite 'Crumlin' children's hospital having it's entire location in Drimnagh and Iveagh grounds/ St James Gael GAA pitches being entirely in Drimnagh, these locations are still considred 'Crumlin'.
(Brent Geese have been reported using the Iveagh Grounds GAA pitches).
Anyway, Brickfields park is deffo Drimnagh and I will try down here again if I get another chance.
Oh, I'd love a photo of a Brent goose in Drimnagh!