Saturday, 3 March 2012

Red squirrel - Wicklow

A couple of years ago (or last year, I can't remember) I saw Crossbills up in an area near the Beehive pub in Wicklow, it's the only time I've ever seen a Crossbill and since I was in the area with a free afternoon, I drove over again hoping to see their colours and unusual beak.
A couple of hours watching for the slightest movement in the trees offered me zero sightings of anything Crossbilly.
Jim and Denis must have been in the area.
There were lots of Wrens, Coal tits, couple of Tree creepers, Goldfinches, Wood pigeons and a Kestrel flew over - but no Crossbills, no sight nor sound.
I did get great views of Siskins and a Red squirrel though and if you walk down the path there's a stunning view across Wicklow and Arklow.

Again, wasn't my day for photography, these photos are poor, the Siskins were directly above my head and the lens wasn't happy trying to focus on them.
The Squirrel was also directly above my head which made it difficult to focus and could have done with a bit more exposure too.

Female Siskin, Wicklow.

Male Siskin (top), Female Siskin (bottom).

Male Siskin and blurred female Siskin

No Crossbills huh?
Red Squirrel, Wicklow, March 2012

Red Squirrel, Wicklow, March 2012