Friday, May 4, 2012

Can I have a cyggieback?

The showstopper.
The cyggieback.

Also btw, fyi, ftr, this footage and the footage of the cygnets in yesterday's post was shot with a teeny, tiny handheld point and shoot camera (an ixus 220), from a distance where Ifigured I wasn't causing any distress to the swans or the cygnets.

The camera has a decent zoom for a little camera and can go in quite close without physically being close.
I also crouched down for a while before I got my camera out, just so the swans got used to me and knew I was no harm, when someone else started feeding the swans I started to film.

I'm just putting this info out there because I'm very aware of the distress people can cause to birds by getting too close for photos/ footage etc and hopefully me writing this might remind others that the bird's comfort and safety always comes before your photo/ footage.