Monday, 15 October 2012

iwepts October 2012

What time did you have your alarm set Saturday morning?
5.45am for me, crazy time to be getting up, crazy to be actually getting up I thought, (as I got up), but a 10.30am high tide meant we had to be at bull island for 7.20am.
It was a cold morning.
Jumping up and down cold, and it didn't warm up.
I could hardly concentrate on my counts, Ger was banging his mitts together so much.

10 of us turned up, quite impressive, Denis couldn't be bothered I noted, in handwriting not quite as neat as his.
I joined Ger and John on their section (south of the causeway to Sutton), numbers weren't massively high or low, loads more Brent, some RH mergansers, only 3 Shelduck, 1 Pintail, few Teal, Wigeon....
Lots of birders were out with their lenses looking for the Yellowlegs, but apparently it wasn't showing.

Due to our extra early start we were all counted, finished and sat having our coffees by 9.30am
With Helen m.i.a, Olivia sat us all at a different table.
She wasn't to know but this sent everything into shock and meltdown, the scones became square, the jams turned to liquid and Sinead's imaps started to work.
Still, at least Phil and John found a way to warm up by sharing a seat (aaaaah).

John and Ger iwebbing - Oct 2012.