Friday, December 3, 2010

Possible Brambling? No.

Pearse Park, Crumlin
In one of the old trees in Pearse Park I saw a bird which I think might have been a Brambling. The light was very poor and with my small 25ml binocs not offering any decent light to get a good look, I managed a pic and have lightened the image.
This is the original picture which gives you some idea of how bad the light was

This is the same bird with light bumped up (I've found a Dlighting option on the camera!) and zoomed in on. I think the marking underneath rules out Chaffinch, the white underneath with markings at the bottom, yellowish beak and orangey upper chest suggests Brambling. The only stumbling block is the single rather than double light wing bar which I think would be more  obvious, even in this light for a Brambling. If it is a Brambling, I think it's a female.
I'm going to try and go back tomorrow with my bigger lens and hopefully the light might be a bit better. I'll take my bigger 42ml binocs and maybe even scope. The paths are still very slippy around here though but I'd love to get a definite sighting so I knew one way or another. Ooooh, I'd love to see a Brambling for real rather than a drawing in a book.

In these trees I also saw a couple of Chaffinches, 16 Greenfinches, a Mistle Thrush, 2 Goldcrests, Wood pigeons, Blackbirds and Magpies.

Some of the many Greenfinches in Pearse Park.
I'm learning to i.d gulls whilst they're in flight. The large white mirror and black tips tell me this is a Common Gull
Whatever, I saw it on the ground before it took off, but I impressed you for a second eh.
There were several Common Gulls with some Black Headed gulls in the middle of the park.
This is a park where I've seen about 800 Brent Geese feeding on the grass, there were none today though.
Actual light in park without upping the new magic dlighting button.
With this bad light and the start of rain, it was time to 'get me messages' and head home.