Thursday, December 2, 2010

drimnagh in the snow

The scene in Drimnagh first thing this morning
My attempt to deter the bigger birds from eating all the seed I'd prefer the local House Sparrows, Robins and Tits to have
Drimnagh schools and schools across the country closed due to the bad weather
All around Drimnagh I saw birds eating bread crusts people had left out for the birds.
Brickfields Park, Drimnagh
5 Common Gulls in this pic, Brickfields Park, Drimnagh

Well I'm thinking the gull on the left is Common. 2nd in from the right deffo is.

3 Collared Doves, Drimnagh
Rook and Magpie

Mute Swans, Grand Canal, Drimnagh

2 Jackdaws

Song Thrush on wall in snow, Drimnagh
Song Thrush, Drimnagh

Flock of Waxwings. Starlings I mean. There weren't any Waxwings on any trees in any of the 50 streets I walked up and down. There were about 15 Songthrushes in this tree, some Greenfinches and Balckbirds. No Fieldfares or Redwings that I saw.

There were these gorgeous Greenfinches though.

Greenfinches, looking very yellow, Kilworth Rd, Drimnagh
Our back garden 6pm
Just got word that work is closed tomorrow too.
Happy Days x 2 in a row - then the weekend!