Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Redkites - Co.Wicklow!

Today when most others went back to work, I was lucky enough to have an extra day off.
I drove back down to Wicklow and was awarded with some amazing views of some Redkites, my first ever decent sightings in Ireland.
The light was pretty dull and it was absolutely freezing but I managed to get a few decent shots between shivers.
In total I saw 5, don't think I've seen that many together in Yorkshire!
I saw one defninte juvenile (untagged) and a definite tagged adult and at one point another three joined the circling but then disappeared.
I was thinking as I tried to get a glimpse of the tags that it would be handy if they could be read from below, since this is where us humans are usually trying to get a reading from, I didn't manage to get a reading after constant sightings for about 10 minutes.
It was really something to see them in Ireland and really cool to see a definite juvenile.
I'm not sure how to age juv Redkites, I'll look it up.
Beautiful birds.

Adult Red kite, just after a direction switch in the air, Co. Wicklow

The white tips to the greater coverts and paler body = juvenile Red Kite, Co Wicklow

I also saw this cross Greenfinch. Just look at that beak.
Great to see.