Monday, May 9, 2011

Sowing seeds and fixin fences.

We walked the whole field scattering the wildflower seeds about. I think you'll find that the upper right corner will be the most stunning area of the field.

On Saturday I met up with the Conservation Volunteers to do a bit of conserving. We planted seeds in this field (near the Rogerstown Hide) and fixed some of that fence by hammering in, or removing nails which were sticking out. We also spent some time removing broken bits of wood from the fencing. I was lost in my own world thinking I was doing a great job hammering away, making sure the old rusty nails were driven safely back into the wood until someone asked if I was using the hammer to release some pent up anger, so I put the hammer down.
Once we had our lunch break, we started lifting felled trees from a woodland area. I soon realised why some of the other females were standing around. It was back breaking! Those trees were heavy. Not wanting to be in traction for the next few days I'm afraid to say us girls called it a day and left the stronger species to break their backs. I looked around Rogerstown a bit and then drove onto Portmarnock and then onto Bull Island.

2 Lapwings with 3 little lapwing chicks, fighting off constant mobbing Jackdaws. Rogerstown, North Dublin.
Chiffchaff singing, Rogerstown, Dublin. You'll have to take my word for it.
Sandwich Tern diving into sea at Portmarnock, North Dublin
Sandwich Tern, Portmarnock, Dublin
Swifts, Swallows, House Martins and Sand Martins are very difficult to get close photos of with a big lens.
There were quite a few nesting Sandmartins at Portmarnock
6 week Pilates classes for Turnstones, meet Portmarnock beach 3-4pm. Admission free.
8 week Yoga classes for Shags and Guillemots, meet Dublin Bay, Portmarnock. 3-4pm, Admission free.
Where in the bay did they say the yoga classes were? I hate being late, if you hadn't have been faffing before we left home...
Dinosaur claw
Weight watchers for Jackdaws, meet Portmarnock, 3-4pm, free membership.
Tai Chi classes for Herons, meet Bull Island, 5-6pm, free admission.
Such focus on movement brings about clarity and calm.
'Just hold the pose, they might think we're Herons'. 'Did you see that poster, Tai chi for Shelducks, €10 per class!' 'I know, how are we supposed to pay that? We've no pockets to keep our money in.'
That was my Saturday 9am - 8.30pm.
Which hugely made up for the next day which was spent in hellhole Liffey Valley doing my absolute least favourite thing ever in the whole world - looking for clothes for a wedding. And no, I didn't get anything, so now I've to repeat the torture in Dundrum...
If I were to ever get married, everyone could wear jeans and t-shirt.
Maybe that's why it's still illegal?!