Monday, 28 November 2011

175 Brent Geese and 4 tags, Crumlin

8.15am at the allotment gates and they're locked.
That was worth getting up early for wasn't it?
Drove over to sundrive cycle track and no brent either on the track nor up on the footie pitches.

8.48am Sunday morning - Footie pitches, Sundrive Rd park (Eamon Ceannt Park), Crumlin.

After a bit of a walk to see what other birds were around a familiar sight and sound descended.
And landed.

8.58am Sunday 27th November, Sundrive cycle track, Crumlin - 44 Brent inc 3 juveniles - no tags.

After about 50 minutes of waiting for more arrivals, none did.
Drove over to the allotments which were now open and saw a very small flock of Brent in Dolphin Park, along with a team having a training session which would mean the main gates were open.
Drove in and walked down to the bottom of Dolphin Park where I counted 70 Brent including 24 juvs.

From 10am - 11.30am there were only 4 tags to be read, max number of Brent reached 175 including 38 juveniles.
HARY (with silver) - I've recorded HARY in Crumlin 28 Feb 2010, 7 Mar 2010 and 14 Mar 2010
BXGY (with silver)
TXGY (with silver) - very similar tag, but didn't seem to be an associate (walk with) BXGY
I've never seen a green tag before - and it could have been white - but you can see in the pic below - its green.
I'll email the readings to graham and see if green has been recorded before.

BXGY - green not white? and it looked the same in all lights. Dolphin Park, Crumlin, 10am- 11.30am Nov 27th 2011, 14º
HARY!! Welcome back. Dolphin Park, Crumlin, Nov 27th 2011. Also recorded feeding in Pearse Pk and Cycle track in 2010. HARY is a female Brent, ringed in SW Iceland, she's 7 years old and has been recorded in Dublin for the last 4 years.
10.10am 70 Brent Geese inc 24 juvs. Dolphin Park, Crumlin, 10am- 11.30am Nov 27th 2011, 14º

10.44am arrivals from (presumably) Bull Island, Dublin

The bottom of Dolphin Park is being left to regrow this year - this is hopefully going to allow for readings to take place over the winter

Only thing would be whether the Brent eat all the grass over the next few months as there's so little of it growing.

I had to leave by midday so it was great to get some tags and numbers to report.