Saturday, December 10, 2011

Iwebs December 2011

Sat 10th Dec 2011, Drimnagh 7.12am

Bull Island, 7.38am

Bull Island 7.39am

Bull Island, 7.42am

Bull Island 7.46am

Bull Island 7.47am

Brent Geese flying off, Bull Island 8am
Iwebs December 2011 was a cold 1º.
Multi layers and a bit of jumping around were your only options for keeping warm (hence the camera shake above).
The morning was beautiful though - dry, calm and really bright.

Myself and Tom counted section 3 and 4. I say myself and Tom, Tom counted every species except Brent, Oystercatchers and Shelducks. He flew through his lot, I was eyes wide at how quickly he could scan and count the section.
'40 years of birding and 10 years of helping with iwebs' he explained.
That's me sorted in 2021.

There weren't that many Brents to count, they all flew off by 8.20am! so including the 700 that flew off we counted a total of 1039.

Everyone finished their sections and we headed off for coffee by 9.45am.
I was half thinking of trying to stay around for the Wicklow Branch outing to the Bull at 12.30, but by 11am, we were all done for the day.
The sky had greyed over and the cold was starting to mess with my finely honed core temp, so with only a matter of moments to spare before my hands or feet dropped off I drove home.