Monday, January 9, 2012

An hours walk in UCD = 27 different bird species

2012 means the start of a new UCD list.
The Grand Total for 2011 was 50 different bird species (that I saw).

It was quiet enough at work last week to fit in just over an hours walk, and in that hour I saw all of these: 

(in order of sighting)

1.Oystercatchers - footie fields near Clonskeagh Gate, then 25 on Belfield Bowl
2.Robin - several around campus
3.Wood pigeon - lots around campus
4.Magpie- lots around campus
5.Mistle thrush, saw 8 (4 different pairs)
6.Great tit - secret lakes woods
7.Moorhen - secret lakes, plus 3 more later on main lake
8.Blackbird (didn't see the leucistic one)
9.Blue tit - several- lots around campus
10.Chaffinch, several, but biggest gathering was 6 together in a tree next to library
11.Coal tit - secret lake woods
12.Jackdaw- lots around campus
13.Feral pigeon - up on roof and window bars of library building
14.Bullfinch - 6 male Bullfinches in the one tree next to library
15.Mute swan - 2 at Main Lake
16.Tufted duck - 24 at Main Lake
17.Black headed gull - 65 at Main Lake
18.Herring gull - 1 at the lake, 1 on top of admin bldg
19.Mallard - 30 at Main Lake
20.Pied wagtail - Main Lake and in front of Main Restaurant
21.Hooded crow - Rosemount woods
22.Long tailed tit - flock of 12, Rosemount Woods
23.Goldcrest - 3 Rosemount Woods
24.Wren - 1 Rosemount Woods
25.Goldfinch - big flock in the bushes next to stream, Rosemount Woods
26.Rook - didn't see one any of the usual places, then saw a juv on field beside Quinn
27.Siskin - saw them once last year and saw a flock of around 30 today, tree next to Hannah Sheehy Bldg

No Redwings at all around campus, missed seeing any Dunnocks and no Grey Wagtail at the Rosemount stream.
Heard but didn't see a Song Thrush.
Everything else was easy enough to see - and all in the places I expected to see them - birds really do like to keep their territories don't they.
Was cool to see not just 1Goldcrest but 3, and when I had given up hope pf seeing any Bullfinches, the feathery red breasts in the tree near the library made me smile - 6 Bullfinches!
I don't think I'd usually see all these birds, I do think I got lucky seeing 27 in an hour, still, makes for a good start.