Monday, 2 January 2012

There's a Buzzard in them there fields

So there is lass.
Rain, galeforce winds and more rain has resulted in loads of general lazing about since the last post.
Happy days.
Very happy days.
However! The weather today didn't look too horrific, so I risked the dark grey skies and pulled on my Sprayways.
Standing in some woods on my own, 2 Buzzards quietly circled and played right above my head without noticing me standing in the trees below.
That was a great moment.
Also saw my one and only Redwing of the whole Christmas break.

Jan 2nd, 2012 and this is the only Redwing I've seen in 10 days - none of the Fieldfares or Woodcocks I saw last year

Buzzard going right over my head (cropped and lightened)

Adult Buzzard? Although there's no black tips to wings - look at the scraggedy tail feathers

Juvenile Buzzard - cropped but not lightened, that's the glare of the sun which put in a welcome appearance. See how perfect the juvenile's feathers are - in pristine condition.
You can't really see it in the quality of the compressed image above, but there was actually a bit of Wood pigeon gut on the end of this buzzard's beak - can you see?
As I walked through a tunnel this Buzzard flew out from the trees at the side of the railway verge, I looked over the fence and saw a blanket of Wood Pigeon feathers all over the ground - no carcas left whatsoever, just a red, bloody vein hanging from a tree branch.
With this in mind, knowing that the Buzzard would want a rest to let the pigeon digest, I edged along the fence to a tree I thought (hoped) it might have flown to and perched in.
Happily it was there, I was really quiet and careful not to disturb the Buzzard's r&r time, afterall, everyone needs a sit down after eating a whole raw woodpigeon.

Juvenile Buzzard, home, Yorkshire

Buzzard having a full belly snooze.

Juvenile Buzzard - f8, iso 320, 500mm lens - cropped

I also got a video of the Buzzard in the tree ( I was there for about 30 mins without the Buzzard flying off), but I'll post the video another time from another computer.
This will deffo be the last post from home.
10 days at home has been a luxury, I've said it before, I'm saying it again - I wish Yorkshire was magically part of Ireland so it could be easier to come home anytime - but there you go.
It's not.
I hope every one has enjoyed their break - Happy New Year etc, here's to wise choices and happy times.