Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Were you one of the many who spent their wknd in Dun Laoghaire, Bray and Greystones looking for the Siberian visitors?

Well, Waxwings can now to be found in Drimnagh, Dublin 12!


Cycling to work this morning I heard a Mistle thrush going completely beserk in a tree to my right.

Looked up and saw a flock of around 40 birds lift from the top of the same tree I saw Fieldfares and Redwings in a couple of years ago (the tree is in the staff car park of the Children's hospital).

I cycled over into the car park, stopped at the barrier to get a better look - the flock of birds were WAXWINGS!
The Scandi/ Russian birds have made it to Cooley Road, so cool.

This is the tree the 40 Waxwings are feeding from - Children's hospital staff car park, Cooley Road, Drimnagh.

If I managed these in a rush on an iphone, you birders with your decent lenses will get amazing shots this morning - the light is magnificent, the tree where they're eating the berries is a metre away from your head and the Waxwings should be there all morning given the amount of berries on the tree.
If you're not a photographer and close to Drimnagh, get down to see them, these birds have likely flown all the way from Denmark/ Norway/ Sweden/ Finland/ Russia to get these Dublin berries.
The Waxwings were calling too - a real treat of sight and sound.

8.15am, Nov 28th 2012, 40 Waxwings, Children's hospital staff carpark, Cooley Road, Drimnagh

5 mins was all I had, great way to start the morning.

Also I'm going to use this post to re-print an email a few of us received from Eric Dempsey about the importance of feeding birds over winter.

Eric writes:

These past few days I have been on the hunt for
Waxwings...those beautiful winter visitors from Scandinavia. Ireland
is graced by their presence every now and then, and it seems that this
winter is a 'Waxwing winter'. However, cruising around their expected
haunts, I have noticed something odd about this winter...there are
very few berries on the trees. So many birds like thrushes, Blackcaps
and Waxwings need berries to get them through the winter. Our dreadful
summer weather that impacted on our native and summer migrant birds,
has now had a negative impact on our winter visitors. So I am
appealing to everyone I know to please, please put out as many feeders
and food as you can this winter. The birds really do need as much as
they can get. Even apples that are bruised...don't compost them, cut
them in half and put them out. It will be a lean winter for our birds.

So if you haven't already - this weekend, get some form of bird feeders out in your gardens, cut up those red apples and stick them out for the birds, throw out some bread crumbs and grated cheese, it will give the birds the energy to survive these freezing nights.

Also - if anyone is interested, Eric is running a Winter Garden Birds workshop this Saturday (1 Dec, 2012) more details can be found at this link