Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh so quiet

Lack of zoom lens = lack of blog posts around here, so to answer all the one emails I've received urging me to keep posting, it's now time to confirm that this particular birding blog is kaput. Sorry Mum.

After I got the full €800 refund on my broken Sigma 150-500 zoom lens, I put the money away safely and started looking for alternative lens options, which for the same price with the same reach, were non existent.

Money still safely put away, my car failed its NCT, new rear axles (or something) had to be fitted, €600 was thrown at that problem, then the car tax came in at €517, so quick and easy as you like the €800 refund from my long reach lens was gone.
I'll sign up for the Bike to Work scheme - see how you like that you money swallowing car.
New road bike and a rekindled romance with cycling together with no decent zoom lens for good images, you can see where this is heading....
No more bird blog from me.

Some of you have suggested I still keep writing without the photos - but the photography was where my interest was. The ability to zoom in close on a bird feeding, in flight or just chilling out, seeing nature up close and being able to share those images - that's what I loved.
Writing, not so much.

So au revoir for now, the cycling is a new challenge, which in my 40th year is quite a welcome discovery, unless I crash, then maybe not so welcome a discovery.

Thanks everyone for reading. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the old ego is touched by people saying they'll genuinely miss this blog, it's nice to think that sharing some photos from a day's birding was enjoyed by others.